World Cup Skateboarding Austria

After the Mystic cup in Prague, the next World Cup contest was gonna be held in Graz, Austria. All the best skateboarders from their respective continents travelled from Mystic Cup through to the event in Austria which meant the level of skateboarding was going to be just as high as it was at Mystic. 
The event normally has rain issues therefore the event organizers decided to do the whole entire event all in one day. Which meant we had to skate qualifications, semi finals and finals all in one day. 
The qualification format consisted of 1 single run of 1 minute. There were over 70 skateboarders that were entered so we only had one shot to cut down the field into 20 skateboarders that would make the semi finals. I landed everything I could in qualifiers which landed me in 8th place going through to the semi finals.
The format in the semi finals changed and we now had 2 runs of 1 minute to put it all together. The finals cut consisted of only 8 skateboarders which I just missed the cut to the finals by 3 places. I felt like I could have stepped it up and landed my whole run which I was very bummed out about but I had to look at it in a positive light to be able to see that I am learning from each experience. My overall result ended in 11th place. 

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