Dreams Come True

It’s always been a dream of mine since I was a little kid to have my name on the bottom of a board. However, I never really knew what that meant at the time. The reason being is that turning Pro in skateboarding is completely different to any other sport. In skateboarding, there are specific industry requirements that you have to check off the list before you can receive a pro model board. One of those being a full-length street part which basically lets your skateboarding do all the talking as to justify why your name is at the bottom of a skateboard. 

My trailer to my full-length video part is available below and the full-length video part will be premiered at Ultimate X skate contest in Sun City on the 17.03.2019. 

If you are also interested in buying one of my debut pro models as apart of the “Simba series," you can find them on the “shop” feature on this website. 

The story behind the Simba graphic is that a lot of my friends would call me Simba when I was in Los Angeles for 3 months in 2017 and a lot of the guys on the European contest circuit would also call me Simba. I got the nickname from my friend Zander Gabriel and his reasoning behind it was “you are from Africa and your hair looks like a lions mane.” From then on the nickname always stuck with me. 

So when I was asked by the team manager of Peg Skateboards what I would like as my first pro model graphic, I knew right away that I would be keen on having a graphic with Simba on it, especially because I've never seen one before.

Brandon Valjalo's x Peg debut pro model skateboard

I can’t thank Peg skateboards and Xii Skate distribution for all their support in the journey of turning me pro. I would also like to give a huge thank you to all my friends, family and fans that support everything I do. 

Much love. 

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