Mystic Cup: Prague, Czech Republic

This year was the 24th anniversary of the Mystic Skate Cup in Prague. Where some of the best street and park skateboarders from around the world come to compete in this contest as it is basically the European X games. It is one of the oldest and most iconic skate contests in the world.  

With over 200 skaters from all around the world competing in the contest, it was absolute mayhem. On the Friday was the European qualifiers in order to make it through to the men’s pro qualifications on the Saturday where we would be cut down to around 60 to compete in the qualifications on Friday in hopes to later make it into the semifinals cut of 30 people from qualifiers. 

The skatepark that they threw the contest in was amazing and I was so hyped to skate it, It wasn’t my best day of skateboarding however I still managed to qualify into the Semi finals in 19th place which meant I was going to be competing on the Sunday as well. 

On the day of the semi finals, I was feeling extremely good in practice and ready to go. However, I was disappointed to have missed my first trick in my run which meant that I had no momentum to complete the 2nd or 3rd trick of my line which threw me way off. I was really upset with myself but I do know that these things happen sometimes. It was evident that I wasn’t going to make the finals cut of 8 riders unless I had a flawless run. You win some and you lose some, all I know is that I’m going to come back even hungrier after this contest. 

Prague is also home to one of the most iconic skate plazas in the world called Stalin plaza. Which overlooks the whole entire city of Prague. Above is some clips of me skating the plaza. 

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