Mistral Skate Cup

The Mistral Skate Cup was held at the Marignane Skate park in the South of France. I was invited to compete and represent South Africa at this contest which consisted of some international skaters but mostly the top French Skateboarders including names such as Aurilien Giraud, Benjamin Garcia and Hugo Corbin.  

The Marignane Skatepark has to be one of the most beautiful skateparks I've ever been to with a huge lake right next to the park. Not only was the scenery beautiful but the skatepark was extremely fun to skate.

The contest had 15 000 Euros up for grabs and was held at a skatepark that I knew suited my style of skateboarding based on the obstacles that it had. There were over 50 Skateboarders in the qualifiers in which I qualified in 4th place through to the semi finals the following day. The Semi finals cut consisted of the top 12 skateboarders who would then battle it out for the top 6 spots to skate the big section in the Finals.

Brandon Valjalo Mistral skate cup finals

In the semi finals I had 2 flawless runs as well as a perfect jam session. I landed all the tricks that I had planned and this allowed me to qualify through to the finals in 3rd place. As the day progressed and it got later into the afternoon the wind picked up immensely. The skateboarders all decided that it was too dangerous for us to skate the big section in those conditions. The verdict was to take the results from the semi finals however this meant that two athletes on the podium including myself and John Purcell (Canada) weren't French athletes. The French federation complained to the organisers and suggested that we should skate the smaller section instead of the big section and still have a finals. The decision was made and the finals was a 5 minute Jam format in the gnarly wind conditions on the smaller section which we had to make work. I did what I could and still managed to land a lot of the tricks that came to mind however the judges believed that my finals performance was only good enough for 4th place. 

Final Results:

1.) Aurilien Giraud 

2.) John Purcell

3.) Benjamin Garcia 

4.) Brandon Valjalo

5.) Hugo Corbin


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