Hollywood High 16

Hollywood High 

I’ve always dreamed of skating the iconic Hollywood high school 16 stair rail. This specific spot has been skated for more than 20 years and has been skated by some of the best skateboarders in the world. While I was out shooting photos with Justin Crawford he asked me if I wanted to go past the rail to check it out and you obviously know what I said. 


The best thing about skating big handrails is the adrenaline as well as the commitment that you have to have, it’s almost a go big or go home kind of approach or else you can really hurt yourself. 

I started off by skating a little bit of flatground and stretching my legs to get them warmed up before jumping down the 16. The best thing about this spot is that there is also a 12 stair handrail which I was able to warm up on before jumping onto the 16 stair rail. 

I did a couple of front boards and front lips on the 12 rail before I decided to feel out the 16. Not too long after, I felt out the rail and ended up doing a few frontside boardslides before deciding to jump onto a frontside lipslide down the rail. Before I knew it, I was looking to do a frontside bluntslide. Essentially I was going through some of my go to/ most comfortable handrail tricks before deciding whether or not I wanted to try get an NBD (never been done) trick on the rail. 

Unfortunately on one of the front blunt attempts I slammed and ended up fracturing my left heel which meant I was unable to skate in LA for the last 2 weeks of the trip also causing me to miss out on the Volcom damn am contest that I was supposed to compete in. 

I haven’t been back to skate the rail since I got hurt on it however I do plan on going back and getting my revenge on the famous or from my own personal experience, the infamous Hollywood high 16 stair rail.

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