Fise World Series: Chengdu, China

The 3rd and final stop of the Fise World Series was in Chengdu, China. The Fise festival consists of many action sports, including Skateboarding, BMX, Rollerblading, Parkour and more. 


The KDC (Kimberley Diamond Cup) crew held a series of contests in South Africa while I was overseas in which the winners from each stop would win an all expense free trip to the final stop of the Fire World Series in Chengdu. The team saw that I was currently ranked 5th place on the Fire World Series ranking and invited me to come along with the other South African skateboarders to compete in the Pro Street skateboarding contest.

Brandon Valjalo Skateboarding

The first day that we arrived was practice. I figured out a line that I felt best utilised the whole course. The format consisted of 2 one minute runs where your best run counts in the qualifiers and the same format was used in the semi finals and finals. There were about 60 skateboarders entered into the Pro Street Skateboarding contest from all around the world. The top 5 from Fise Montpellier were given an all expense paid trip to this contest in Chengdu on the Fise account. I unfortunately got 6th place so that didn't apply to me... Luckily the KDC guys invited and funded my trip to come to the final event of the Fise World Series with the rest of the South African Skateboarders on their account. 

I competed in the Street pro qualifiers, where I qualified in 3rd place through to the Semi Finals after executing a flawless 1st run. The top 24 skateboarders made it through to the semi finals in which the finals cut was the top 12 skateboarders. All the skateboarders were hungry to make the finals. The level increased a lot in the semi finals which means we had to step up the risk factor if we wanted to make the finals. In my semi finals first attempt I missed one of the tricks in the middle of my run which made me nervous towards my second run, I also ended up missing the final trick of my second run which made me wonder if I had done enough to qualify for finals. The judges believed I had done enough and qualified me in 11th position just in front of Manny Santiago (PUR) who qualified on the bubble. 

Brandon Valjalo Skateboarding

The following day was the finals and in order for me to finish in a podium spot on the overall season ranking I needed to place 1st. It was go big or go home. On the same day as the finals, the springboks were playing in the finals of the Rugby World Cup. It was an honour to be representing the South African flag in China on that very day. I tried my best and went all in to do the best possible line I could. Unfortunately missing multiple tricks in both my runs I was set back into 9th place in the finals. Therefore, there were no changes to the overall Fise World Series Ranking in 2019 and I finished overall in 5th place on the Pro Skateboarding circuit.


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