FAR'n High Paris World Cup

After being home for a few days after my Japan trip, I was supposed to stay at home to write my university exams. For those of you that don't know I am also currently studying an online Marketing degree through IMM Graduate school. Nonetheless, I decided to go all in and miss my exams so that I could focus on the 1st Olympic qualification contest in London.

The weekend before the Olympic Qualifiers there was a contest in Paris which I got invited to go and represent South Africa. I felt like it was the perfect way to get into the contest mode a week before the Olympic qualification contest. Far'n High was always one of the contests that I wanted to go to because the skatepark looked so fun to skate. The level of skateboarding was also amazing and I knew I would have to step up my game because I was competing against some of Streetleague's top skateboarders such as Luan Oliveira, Aurelien Giroud and Vincent Milou just to name a few.

There were over 100 skateboarders entered into the contest. So you can imagine how packed the skatepark was, It was so difficult to even practice. They had to break up the qualifiers into two separate days. I was fortunate enough to skate the second day of qualifiers so that I could see where the level of skateboarding was at. In my qualifiers, I had two flawless runs which allowed me to qualify in 7th Place through to the semi finals. I knew that It wasn't going to be easy to make the top 6 finals cut as everybody in the semi finals could skate really well. Thinking back about these contests the hardest part is to actually make the finals because each one of the skaters in semi finals can win on a good day. Therefore, I knew I had to upgrade my run as well as the tricks in my run which made it a lot riskier and harder to execute. But you know what they say... you got to risk it for the biscuit.

Unfortunately I didn’t land a perfect run in the semi finals which meant that there was no chance that I could have made the finals. In the end I finished in 13th place out of over 100 international skateboarders. I tried my best, had a great time and gained great experience competing at the highest level of skateboarding while visiting and exploring the City of Love.

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