Cassovia Skate Cup: Kosice, Slovakia

After the Fise World Series event in Montpellier we travelled back to Barcelona for a few days, before we flew to Budapest and then caught a bus from Budapest to get to Kosice, Slovakia for the Cassovia Skate Cup. 
The Cassovia Skate Cup is one of the funnest contests, because all the people are so friendly and welcoming. The fans were all extremely excited to see me for my second time in Kosice after winning the mini ramp contest in 2018 as well as coming in a close second place to the hometown hero Riso Tury. 
Brandon Valjalo Podium photo at Cassovia skate cup
The contest format changed slightly from the previous year and the set up had also changed. The format consisted of 1 run and 12 single tricks in which every single one of the 12 tricks count. I qualified to the semi finals in 3rd place but then later that day in the semi finals I bailed 2 of my 12 tricks and also bailed in my line. This was a slight set back as only the top 6 skateboarders qualified through to the finals. Unfortunately I didn’t do enough on the day and ended in 7th place. 
Blunt Flip fakie Brandon Valjalo
I was extremely bummed that I never made finals and knew that there was no point in giving up now. Therefore, I made sure I got redemption by trying to win the best trick contest. The fans were also upset that they didn't get to see me skate the finals again... so I made sure they all got their moneys worth and put on a show for them during the best trick section. In 2018 when I skated the best trick contest I attempted a best trick but unfortunately never ended up getting it, so I knew that this year was going to be the year since I didn't do as well in the actual contest. After a few attempts I wasn't even getting close until about my 6th attempt. I finally landed the late backfoot pressure flip off the launch ramp over the obstacle which secured me the victory in the best trick section.

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