Bust or Bail


The back story to this Kickflip Backtail photo is quite an interesting one. The reason I say so is that I was actually in Cape Town in order to prepare for a commercial that I was doing. I had just signed the contract earlier that morning and I had the rest of the day off before I had to be on set the next day. My contract specifically stipulated that I stay out of danger and was not necessarily allowed to get hurt before I had to skate on set. However, with that being said, I am a skateboarder and I would get way too bored if I was just sitting in my hotel room just waiting to be on set the next day.

I hit up Grant Mclachlan straight away after finding out that I had the rest of the day off so that we could get into the streets and go shoot our first street photo together. Grant has always been the homie and I always had the opportunity to shoot photos with him at contests, but we just never found the right time to go shoot a photo in the streets. Once I hit him up we got a little squad together to go out and skate some Cape Town street spots for the rest of the day. The squad consisted of Allan Adams, Moses Adams, Byron Rhoda and Joubert Van Staden who was filming us bust down in the streets. As a skateboarder its always rad to get out into the streets with other skateboarders that are really good, the reason being is that we all feed off each other's hype and help each other to push our own boundaries.

We had discussions about which spots we were going to hit once Grant had collected all of us. My bet was on the famous Greenpoint Stadium ledge which I remembered skating on my first skate trip back when I was 14 years old, on the Controlled Chaos tour. The ledge has been skated for such a long time that it has become crusty and filled with chips making the slide or grind extremely unpredictable. 

I ended up slamming a few times because the ledge was extremely waxed up on the top. However, we had no time to worry about the wax because the stadium security was on his way to come to tell us that we had to leave the premises as "skateboarding is not allowed here". Knowing that I only had a maximum of 2 tries left I knew I had to fully commit so that I could land the trick. Before we got the boot from the security I managed to land it on my last attempt making the whole process that much more worth it. At that moment the blood I shed and the pain I took from the slams all became worth it and to me, that is the best part about skateboarding.


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