Never Stop

Never Stop...

As a professional Skateboarder, we are constantly in the streets seeking to find the best architecture to skate. Whether it’s a set of stairs, a handrail or ledges, there always comes a time when you will have to jump over a fence to be able to skate a spot that you really want to film a trick on or shoot a photo at. There is already this feeling of adrenaline when you are trying a trick however when you have security or the cops kicking you out of a spot because you aren’t necessarily allowed to be skating there, it allows you to get that extra bit of motivation to fully commit to the trick and in many cases allows you to land the trick and roll away.

This photo was taken in Cape Town while I was up working on the Nissan Qashqui commercial. I asked them to organize my ticket back for a few days later so I was able to go shoot some photos with Grant Mclachlen and also film a few things for a video part that I’m working on. This way I was able to kill two birds with one stone. Grant is really good at what he does and I personally think he is the best skate photographer in South Africa. He took me to a lot of rad spots in Cape Town and in just 2 days of shooting we managed to get quite a lot of work done. A lot of what I did were all calculated risks to make sure I didn’t hurt myself before I had to skate in the commercial. We still ended up coming away with about 6 or 7 photos that I am really stoked on. 

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